This guide helps you integrate Stably within standard development workflows. For support with alternative configurations, get in touch with our team.


Get an account

Contact our team to get your free Stably AI account. You will be prompted to give us some basic info about your app, such as common pages and test user accounts.

This is useful for our AI to create simple tests such as “Log In” or “Explore all links”.


Install Our Snippet

We use a JS snippet to record traffic on your web app. It helps AI discover user flows to test and become knowledgeable about your app to generate accurate tests even for your complex user flows.


Automatic Test Creation

Try out our two ways of creating tests:

  1. Using our recorder to record the steps and have AI turn it into runnable tests.
  2. Directly picking an observed userflow and click “create test”.

Run Tests

Stably automatically run tests for you when you open a pull request. You can review the results in the GitHub PR and get alerted on Slack.