Stably is an AI that creates, runs, and maintains your end-to-end tests using Playwright.

The Stably developer-first approach

We believe developers are the best people to write tests for their features, not an outsourced QA team.

Stably helps developers write tests by generating them automatically. We also help developers maintain tests by updating them automatically when the code changes.

Use Stably in your workflow

Plan what to test: Stably automatically discover user flows from new features you ship. You can then select the user flows you want to test.

Generate tests: Stably generates tests in Playwright code. You can review and modify these tests in your IDE or our web UI.

Run tests: Stably runs tests automatically when you open a pull request. You can review the results in the GitHub PR and get alerted on Slack.

Choose how to run Stably

You can run Stably in the following ways:

Web: the Stably Web UI ( provides a browser-based experience with a no-code editor for modifying the generated tests and functions such as configuration settings, filtering and fixing discovered bugs.

VS Code Extension: the Stably VS Code extension enables you to embed Stably in your development environment.

Use another IDE? Contact us to learn more about our plans to support it.

GitHub App: the Stably GitHub App enables you to auto-generate new tests and run existing tests on your GitHub repositories.

What does Stably cost?

Stably has several pricing plans available, from starter to Enterprise. See Stably Pricing Plans.

Interested in testing with Stably? Contact us for a free trial. We look forward to seeing you on the platform!